Fake TSB text messages and phishing emails alert

Sharp rise in fake TSB text messages and phishing emails, because of the system issue some TSB customers have experienced over recent weeks.

Showcaller Scam Alert: +44

Sharp rise in fake TSB text messages and phishing emails

The fraudster is using specialized software to change the sender ID on the text message so that it looks like the message was sent by the TSB. In some cases, this deceptive text will be added to the existing TSB message thread on the victim's phone.

Fraudsters often use text messages to defraud victims of unsuspecting behavior. 80% of fraudsters require the recipient to click on a website link.

If someone clicks on a link in a deceptive text message and enters their personal information, the fraudster will call the victim again and persuade them to hand over the one-time code on their mobile phone. The fraudster can then empty the victim's account.

"Received today with similar message with Apple for £1980.79. But I don't have an account with TSB, so instantly suspicious."

"I also received this text: 'TSB online payment.Your OTP is......If you did not request a payment to Argos for 1250.00 ring 03333350542.' I dont have a TSB account, and did not make any payments to Argos..Total Phising."

"TSB scammers. Text saying:'TSB Online Payments. Your OTP is..... If you did not request a payment to Argos on 25/05 at 15:12 for 1490.00 call 03333350517 or from abroad 443333350517.' "

Protect yourself tips

- Don't be tricked into giving a fraudster access to your personal or financial details.

- Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected text or email.

- Remember, a genuine bank will never contact you out of the blue to ask for your full PIN or password.

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