Scam Alert: Called from Microsoft or your Internet service supplier

Tech support scammers claim that they are associated with legitimate computer companies to make you believe them and to steal your money.

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Tech Support Scam Alert

You receive pop-up messages or other emergency messages from someone Computer is infected. It may seem like a message from a A well-known company like Microsoft or Apple, or your Internet service supplier. It will tell you that there is a virus or other malware on your computer. It says you must dial a number or risk losing your personal data. But is this threat - or their problem - true? These are all swindlers who want to sell You useless service, steal your credit card number, or visit you Computers install malware and then let them see everything your computer.

Call from Microsoft to notify you that your Windows license key has been expired all services on your windows will be stopped to reinstall that call on our toll free number 855-761-0111.

Call is from Microsoft Help Center we encounter a serious issue coming out of your computer it seems to be someone is trying to hijack your computer and try to steal your personal information if it\'s not fixed right away then your computer will become obsolete and all of your credential information may got compromised if you are the 1 who is using Microsoft Windows in your computer then please call 312252014 or press 1 now to speak with security team now please ignore it if we called you by mistake thinks.

My name is Daisy brunette I am calling you from Microsoft refund department for the refund of your computer technical support which was paid few months ago as the company has been ordered to close down please call our toll free number 888-610-3014 extension 2 get your refund repeat again 888-610-3014.

Protect yourself tips

You get an urgent call or email from a tech support company, saying your computer has a problem. Should you give the company remote access to your computer to make repairs? ... NO!!

- A warning announcing "suspicious activity" or "security threat detected" appears on your computer screen. Should you call the number shown on the screen to talk to a technician? ... NO!!

- One of these tech support companies asks you to pay for its services, maybe by using a gift card (like from iTunes or Amazon) or wire transfer. Should you? ... NO!!

- Stop. Don't call a phone number or click a link. Don't send money, give your credit card number, or give control of your computer to anyone who contacts you.

- Pass this information on to a friend. You might know these pop-ups are fake, but chances are you know someone who doesn't.

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